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GTS Button box Panel for Direct Drive

GTS Button box Panel for Direct Drive

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OUR PANEL BUTTON BOX. Mount it directly to your Simagic Alpha or Alpha Mini, Fanatec DD1 or DD2, and Simucube 1 or 2 (all Versions).

5mm matte carbon fiber panel. This button box can be configured with 21 in-game inputs. Made with high quality components. Available in Left or Right Configuration.


  • 3 rotary encoders with push button and high detent force, 6061 Billet aluminium brake bias and encoder knobs.
  • 6 push buttons, aluminium housing with black bezel. 
  • 2 momentary toggle switches (MOM-OFF-MOM) 
  • 1 latching toggle switch with color cover (ON-OFF).
  • 1 LED illuminated push button (MOM-OFF).
  • Label sheet included.


  • Front Plate: 5mm twill weave matte carbon fiber front panel. 
  • Enclosure: textured, 3D printed in matte black premium filament.
  • Connection: Independent USB B type port, mounted to the enclosure.


Plug and Play, no drivers required. Your button box will be displayed by Windows as a gaming device.


Tested with major PC racing games like iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor, Automobilista, American & Euro Truck Simulator.


– mm: H 140 x W 320 x D 60
– inches: H 5.3 x W 12.6 x D 2.3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great product and even better seller

I have a Simagic Alpha Mini and found this setup after searching for quite a long time. I decided to go with the left side setup and wanted a matching carbon fiber panel without buttons for the right side to do a tablet mount setup. I reached out to Racebox asking if this was doable, and not only did they offer to sell the panel, they even designed and 3d printed a custom holder for my tablet that fit perfectly with the carbon fiber panel (all at a very reasonable cost). I am super happy with the final product and with Racebox going above and beyond to help me get exactly the setup I wanted. Can’t recommend enough! As far as the button box itself, the buttons are great, everything feels high quality and works very well.

Hello MC, thanks for your review! and kind words.

Ignition switch light dosent work

After mounting and powering up my GTS im sad to say the light doesn't work😒 guess I will have to be semi happy with it cause Mexico is a long ways to send it back too.
Nicely packaged and a beautiful piece.

Thanks for your review Allen. None of our button boxes is offered with an illuminated ignition switch, only the engine start button which I can see in your photo is working properly. Please let us know if something in the product description caused this confusion and we will try to clarify it.

However, we will take this comment as a suggestion for future product updates.

Jerry C.
GTS carbon fiber Panel for Simagic Alpha Mini

This review is for the GTS carbon fiber panel button box for Simagic alpha mini (right).
The carbon fiber top layer looks very nice, main selling point for me was the ignition switch/cover and start button with led ring light. The led light around the starter button is very subtle and nicely done. Ignition switch cover has a nice "click" feeling to it.
The 6 regular buttons are okay, nothing special.
The 2 momentary (up/down) switches are covered in black rubber, and feel very solid.
I really like the big brake bias rotary dial, when driving it's very easy to just reach over and get to it by feel, i don't need to look at the button panel to see where it is.
Very happy overall with the quality of the button box itself.
I also paid for the usb cord, and it comes with a ferrite choke on it to prevent emi interference.

Installation was easy - it comes with 2 m8 socket cap bolts that go into the front mount holes for the Alpha mini.

There was a little free gift of a toy matchbox car included, nice little bonus. I gave it to my 10yr old nephew and he was very happy with it. :)

Nico G.
I really recommend this product!

The racebox works extremly well and looks really good!

Greetings, Nico VDG

Nico V.
__Nice surprise hotwheels.

__Nice surprise hotwheels. Thank you. From: Trustpilot